Coming Event  December 2017
This event is an integrative approach for enhancing the improvement of the following condidtions :-
*P. Neuropathy



*Facial palsy
*Plantar Fasciitis
*Tennis/ Golfer's Elbow
*Tendenitis (Achiles , shoulder, knee)
The purpose of this seminar is to introduce the modern physical modalities to specialists in orthopedics , neurology and neuro-surgery. So they become aware of the importance of complementing their medical and surgical treatment with the most advanced and effective physical therapies . As we have noticed that many orthopedecians and neurologists may refere patients to physiotherapists who are not supervised by PHYSICIANS specialised in PM&R and the patients are not getting the proper physical modalities in the course of their Rehab . This usually occures due to shortage of available information on different physical modalities e.g
1- different wave forms of Electrotherapy and role of each type in treating specific problem
2- indications / contra-indications of ultrasound therapy
3- the role of magnetic force in speeding the healing process
4- ESWT Extra-Corporeal Shock Wave Therapy , types, and applications
5- cold Laser therapy and photo bio- stimulation principle
All these modalities will be discussed to help physicians understand the role of physical Medicine and Natural Forces in speeding up the process of  healing

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